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Formula SAE Italy 2006

07 settembre 2006 - 10 settembre 2006

ATA, Italian Automotive Technical Association, in collaboration with SAE (Society of Automotive Engineers) organizes the second edition of  Formula SAE Italy, a small single seated car racing competition for students attending engineering schools or young engineering graduates.
FSAE Italy purpose is to encourage students and young graduates to build their own car. They will be in charge of the project from the design to the marketing stages. It provides the contestants the opportunity to face a real-life professional situation, working in a team context with time deadlines and making both business and managerial decisions in the process of tackling automotive engineering matters.
During the event they will be judged by very important experts in the field, coming from the best car racing teams in the world. This is also a chance to keep in contact with these experts and to show their professional skills and abilities.
Teams must be composed by students attending recognised Academic Institutions or recent graduates from these Institutions.