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7th International Conference - ADVANCED CHASSIS SYSTEMS

23 ottobre 2014 - 24 ottobre 2014

ATA-Associazione Tecnica dell'Automobile and Centro Ricerche Fiat are pleased to announce the 7th edition of the International Conference on "Advanced Chassis Systems", which will take place in Turin, on 23 - 24 October 2014.

The conference addresses to all players in this field, including vehicle manufacturers, suppliers of components and systems, public entities, decision makers, engineers and scientists.

The CO2 emission reduction is one of the major constraints in the design and development of the new vehicles, and the chassis systems must cope with these needs.
The suspension systems of the future must fully embrace the weight reduction, enabled by newly developed materials, innovative technologies and optimization design technique. But the level of the challenge is raised by the need to maintain reduced costs and outstanding performances to be competitive on the market and fully appreciated by the customers.

Safety is an always increasing point of attention, and newly developed active systems will help to bring to a new level the safety standard of the vehicles available on the market. But the race to add newly developed functionalities must face the necessity to integrate those functions and systems in a coordinated way, leading to a high level of coordinated actions between ADAS and chassis active systems.

The electrification of chassis systems and components is one of the most significant trends of these years, enabling fuel consumption reduction, new functions and component integration.

The above-mentioned design challenge requires a new level of virtual and physical assessment methods, to fully predict vehicle performances and to validate the outcome of the design process.

This conference will discusss these topics, providing an excellent platform for information exchange on an International level, and allowing assessing the status and potential of the future trend of chassis systems.

Conference Chairman: Raffaele Fregonese - Centro Ricerche Fiat